Go Big

“all progress is the work of unreasonable men”

Being unreasonable is different for everyone, but it has one thing in common, you have to push hard, way beyond where you think you can get to.

I was reminded again about this need to push hard by an old university friend of mine.  He had a pretty life changing injury event,  while he was recovering decided that an extra-ordinary life was what he wanted. So he set out to do something massive for him – to climb Mount Everest. He had to rehab and then train for years to get there. It took him two goes but he got finally got there, something that required him to push himself hugely.

Right now he is literally attempting to get from Singapore to his hometown of Taranaki New Zealand… 12000 km’s all by human power. He’s literally Rowing and Cycling the whole way  (read about it here if you are interested ) .  I find Grant’s exploits very inspirational. It reminds me that to do great things, you have to push yourself, normally beyond what stops other people….


Now what?

An interesting thing happened after 5 months, the role changed.  All the fire fighting and ‘fixing’ was largely done…. now what?

Taking stock and noticing this change was the first thing.

Then thinking through what next, like actually WHAT DOES THIS COMPANY NEED ME TO DO …NOW.

So i moved focus to channel development, looking for new growth avenues.

So I started looking at the roadmap and asking where next?

And then over the Christmas break I asked myself, what am I going to do differently this year, what will I change…. how will improve my leadership.

Another change , more vision, more leadership, more challenge…what is the big growth option(s) and how do we set ourselves up to make the most of them