Signs you have problems with growth.

  • Everyone’s frantically busy, but nothing gets launched
  •  Your have spent the last month trying to find a spot in peoples diaries to discuss prioritisation
  •  You go on holiday for a month, get back and nothings changed
  •  the board/ CEO talk about the need to innovate, not the innovations
  •  You use the word cannibalisation
  •  You have to model the impact of new products on old revenue lines.
  •  Yon can’t describe to a 3 year old what you’ve done today to launch something
  •  you hear people talk about managing their inbox like it’s an achievement
  •  You can’t describe what your last major product release was
  •  You hear the words ‘ that’s how we’ve always done it’ or ‘we don’t do it that way here’
  •  you cannot describe which clients you serve and how you do it in less than 20 words
  •  you spend more time on the process than on delivery
  • There is only one process for launching new products
  •  you need a strategy to  size the opportunity (  hint: if it can  be sized or planned out…. it’s already too late)
  •  meetings have 10 or more people in them, and it’s not the project team (it’s the business)
  •  You don’t Know what the meeting was about and what the ‘business’ actually do
  • you talk about managing decline not product life cycle management
  • You have the same people running the big revenue lines and launching the new, cheaper substitutes
  • the words ‘supertanker’ are used to describe delivery —- sometimes with pride

Dear America, don’t you want my money?

I don’t get it, you are in the middle of a recession, times are tough. I want to buy your stuff, but you make it hard, impossible or illegal to give it to you….

You make it hard with laws like the patriot act meaning adoption of some of your services is tricky due to my own laws.

You make it impossible by not launching your services to us, the other 95% of the worlds population,

You make it illegal,  by creating artificial barriers to me giving you money.

Why? Why do you do that?  Surely a much bigger market is a good thing?  The Internet connects us all, we are now all your market.  Why keep us out?

Honestly right now it feels like apartheid (yes racial separation), we outsiders can all look in. We’ve got our faces pressed up against the glass window of the shop. We can see how the other half lives and what they can buy…

So I ask again, America, don’t you want my money?