Has NZ missed the cloud computing opportunity??

In the first ever Cloudcamp that I attended, I made the statement that unless New Zealand got to grips with cloud computing, the 34 000 ICT professionals were in significant trouble.

I also put out the challenge, that Cloud computing represented a huge opportunity for NZ Inc . Cloud computing made our geographic isolation irrelevant, it also represented an opportunity to break our dependence on the primary sector…

Fast forward two years (that Cloudcamp was August 2009), and I couldn’t help but notice three internet articles pointing to the same thing. All from very different sources.

  • Firstly Bernard Hickey looked at the economy and said ‘stop borrowing and start retaining our assets’.  He shows quite clearly that our Gross Net Income (GNI) is falling.
  • Secondly Lance Wiggs wrote up his take on the Nethui.  There are 10 points here which i’m going to summarise as ‘things have improved, we have lots of potential to build a knowledge economy, but we have a long ways to go”
  • Finally Sir Paul Callaghan spoke at about building sustainable economic growth in New Zealand, in an outstanding presentation he summarily dismissed some long entrenched myths, and challenged NZ build another 100 technology companies (17mins) …and have them STAY New Zealand owned (which circles back to Bernard’s post)…

So my question is…what is going on out there in NZ relating to cloud computing? How are we either planning or actively taking advantage of this opportunity? What more can be done??