PaaS moves on with Cloud Foundry

Yesterday, VMware announced the launch of Cloud Foundry. This is a big step in the evolution of Platform as a Service.

What is profound, is that this allows you to build applications in a private (your data centre), public (Amazon’s or Rackspace’s cloud) or hybrid environment (a combination of both). It scales from your laptop, to the hundreds of servers in the data centre.

Finally Cloud foundry is Open source. This is important to you guys out there because this should in theory allow you federate (or connect) clouds together. The theory being that as you have a known code base and API set, you can readily do this task.

In the cloud space, this is big news. PaaS is going to be the most critical enabler of Cloud applications going forward, but todate the execution on this vision by potential leaders like Microsoft (Azure) and ( has not quite been there…

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A funny thing happened when Apple and Google built their app stores…

They unwittingly built a massive new revenue stream for Microsoft….

According to Microsoft, OneNote had something like 15 million downloads from  Apple ‘s app store to the iPad.

Think this thru. If you are MS, someone else has solved the riddle of how do you get your apps on more devices and to more people. And what is more, you don’t really have to go thru the massive change this disruption has driven, because depending on how much you squint, you are litterally just cutting application code just like you aways did.

Imagine if you could buy one instance of Word, ppt or Excel instead the deplorable bundle that we’ve had for the last 20 years…. Micro payment based growth….

Weird, what the world does sometimes